Thursday, August 1, 2013

Move out day

 I can't even begin to explain how much living and nannying with the Church family has changed me for the better. The past 20 months has been like summer camp; just so many care-free days, freedom, and silliness. Also exhausting and trying days, but those times I value so much as well. These boys have opened my heart up all the more and were used to reveal so much about myself. They make me so happy and I will love them forever.

Not the mention I got to live with some amazing people! Ryan and Julie were such fun friends and roommates; I truly believe that living with a family is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. So many places to learn and grow in your perspective. Also my neighbors were all that you could hope for: engaging, hilarious, caring, and an intentionality for living life together. The people around you, in your everyday, are so important! An open door, a welcoming porch, and a smile--you never know what kind of joys will come from the smallest, but intentional steps to bring people into your daily life.

And what a gift to have so many people to walk alongside in University Park... relationships being blessed by proximity! My sister and Mary (for a time), the Eernissee's, my boyfriend who I learned lived 4 blocks away from me on our blind date (divine intervention or WHAT), my core group girls, the Cottage, neighbor moms, and Tosti's & Co. Such a special time.

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