Friday, June 7, 2013

The Unknown, Revisited

Last Friday I went to a dinner celebrating the 60th anniversary of Deputation, the mission trip I went on two years ago to Kenya. Through people's testimonies I was reminded why this program at UPC is so unique--mainly because you don't know where you'll be going for a summer, what you'll be doing, or whom you'll be living with. It's the ultimate step into the unknown. And that's what I loved most about my dep experience. I went into it having so little control; all I knew was that God would use me. And therein-lies the biggest lesson I learned that summer --when we are following God and trusting Him to lead us through the unknown, He blesses us more than we could've imagined.

I am leaving my job this summer. And part of me wants to slap myself across the face and stay. I love the kids, the family, my neighbors, the benefits, the easy-going pace, and just the freedom of my days. Such a luxurious job, truly. But I feel like it's time to move on. To challenge myself. To go on a new path. I have some idea of what I'd like the next step to look like, but in the end I am in the same spot I was two years ago--stepping out into the unknown. Not knowing where I'm going but trusting the One who is leading me. That's all we can do, right? But this time, I feel richer. I have experienced so much love, community, and growth these past two years. The future is hazy, with so many unanswered questions... but this time around I'm less scared, and more eager to see where God will take me.


vanoss said...
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vanoss said...

So wise, Emily. So proud of you!